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As society changes over time people’s views and beliefs conform to what the “now” is of society. In my opinion morality comes from our ever changing society. Morality is considered the right and wrong in ones’ way of life. In our book, The Right Thing to Do, morality and social conventions go hand in hand. Social conventions are societies accepted and expected behaviors; which ties right into what morality is, the right and wrong of society. Each person has his/her own belief of what is right and wrong or accepted in society. One also has to consider different parts of the country and world because their social conventions and their moral beliefs will differ. For example, as a civilian and not raised with military parents I wasn’t taught to say ma’am and sir, however living here, next to Fort Hood and a brother- in-law in the service my nieces and nephew are raised saying ma’am and sir. That is the culture of the area; perhaps it is part of a southern trait. The fact that every part of the world has different views and values, moral skepticism comes into play. This is because morality is a matter of ones judgment of right and wrong, which ones’ opinion is even with another’s.
In baby Theresa’s situation I would do exactly what the parents wanted to do. According to the benefits argument “if we can benefit someone without harming anyone else, we ought to do so.” (Pg.3) Baby Theresa was already dying and only a few days to live; therefore transplanting the organs to benefit other children would not harm baby Theresa. In conclusion, the organs should be transplanted to benefit other children. A biological life connects each of us with others; allowing us to think on our own and do leisure activities. Baby Theresa was not able to do any of these; therefore her life, even though she was still alive, had no real meaning. Baby Theresa was being harmed by being alive; her organs should have been donated.
The Natural Law theory and The Social Contract theory have some similar traits and several unrelated positions on the meaning of life. In the Natural Law theory god created us as social creatures that desire for and require friendship of