Criminology: Drug Addiction and Critical Thinking Question Essay

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Chapter 13
Critical Thinking Question 1
People choose to take drugs for many reasons. One reason people take drugs is dur to their upbringing and the community they live in. When children are exposed to drugs and substance abuse at a young age it becomes a natural part of life. Large amounts of substance abuse in a single area can become infectious. For example, areas in East Saint Louis are plagued by substance abuse, drug trade and trafficking are common occurrence and for some it’s a way of life.
Another reason people engage in drug usage is because they feel there is no way out of a current situation. However, drugs may open a door in their minds that rids them of their current problems. Many people in poverty stricken areas use what little money they have on drugs or other mind altering substances.
In San Francisco where I live substance abuse is very common. Many people smoke marijuana and take prescription pills. Many of the people I went to high school with drug-dependant personalities. Substance abuse is a daily routine for them. I have noticed that these people are unmotivated, moody, and antisocial when they are not under the influence of drugs. Their normal personality is dependent on drugs, when there are no drugs in their systems, they are different people. I believe that people do possess traits that make their personalities addictive. Some peoples personalities thrive on substance abuse to make them who they are. Once they are hooked on a drug, they have a hard time getting away