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Criminology Lecture Notes

I. Goals of Sentencing
a. Revenge/ “just deserts”
b. Retribution
c. Deterrence
d. Incapacitation
e. Rehabilitation, reformation, reintegration
II. Sentencing Models
A. A sentencing model is a strategy or system for imposing sanctions
1. Determinate
a. Fixed term of incarceration
b. Can get out early for good behavior-standards and release dates specified
2. Indeterminate
a. Judge specifies a minimum or maximum length
3. Presumptive Guidelines
a. Sentencing guidelines established by a sentencing commission (not legislature)
4. Voluntary/Advisory Sentencing Guidelines
a. Recommended sentences not required by law
b. Based on past sentencing practices
5. Mandatory Minimums
a. Mandatory sentence that applies to all offenders convicted of a particular crime with special circumstances.
B. Issues in Sentencing
1. Proportionality
a. Punishment should match the crime
2. Equity
a. Similar crimes and criminals should be treated alike.
3. Social Debt
a. Severity of punishment should take into account the offender’s prior criminal behavior
b. [3-strikes]
4. Truth in Sentencing
a. Require offenders to serve most of their sentence
b. Reduce disparity between sentence and actual time spent in prison.

Drug and Mental Health Courts
C. Deinstitutionalization
1. The return of a mental patient to the community after his or her release from a mental hospital.
2. Drugs helped make it possible to release mental patients into the community.