Crises And Rumours Of Such Have Been Dominating The Media For Some Time Now Essay

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Crises and rumours of such have been dominating the media for some time now. The Russian v Ukraine, Israel v Palestine, ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Libya, Sudan and the list goes on. Within this region, there are young people who are the future leaders of their country who can help make the difference in their country. They cannot do this by being divided, but by working together. That fact is – there is a war going on and our current leaders are asleep. We need to equip out young with the requisite tools that they need to unite them in this fight to not only secure their future, but also put an end to those who do not care about their local interest.
The question is – what brought this issue to the crossroad? Its implications for the immediate future as well as the long term must be studied at great length. Why must we look to the young as our hope for the future? Why can we not lobby the World Leaders, The various institutions, the United Nations to take a firm stand against the atrocities that are taking place around the world? The answer is simple – we absolutely cannot! When we have world leaders announcing publicly that we cannot denounce the atrocities committed by for example Israel because she is an ‘Ally’, we know that we are in serious trouble. I believe it is clear to us that we live in an era of weak leaders and very few role models. Unfortunately, this has bred zeal, dogma and even the likes of barbarism, extremism and terrorism to rise and appeal to our youths. We cannot afford for this continue.
The reliance on young emerging leaders is more needed than ever before. Groups such as IS or ISIS who carry out vicious and voracious acts of barbarity on humanity, have within its ranks, more youths than they do traditional elders. We have noticed that these militant groups are preoccupied with the recruiting of what I would call ‘replacements’ for the older generation. They have got the idea right and we just don’t. They have people who are prepared to stand boldly in front of a camera, behead hundreds of innocent civilian and even crucify them. The fear factor no longer applies to them. These hard line criminals don’t just know how to kill, they are skilled, intelligent, tech experts and they are still developing. They have the tools necessary to recruit – may not be on a large scale for now, but, their methods are successful. On the other hand, we have leaders who are filled with trepidation. They are more concerned about an ally rather than protecting the interest of the local people. Just imagine for a minute if we have 7 young influential ‘IS’ recruiters returning to the UK. Each occupy a different part of the city where Islam thrives. Over a 3 month period, they could recruit hundreds if not thousands of other young people to join the cause for the establishment of this Islamic State! At the end, as some commentators have already pointed out, should IS be pushed back, these very same people will attempt to…