Crisis Communication Draft Essay

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Jared Katz
BA 2196 Section 033/Professor Fitzpatrick
Writing Assignment: Crisis communication draft

Thesis Statement:

Target efficiently and effectively communicated a direct crisis communication after a large data breach by immediately starting an internal investigation once reports had surfaced, offered free credit monitoring to affected customers once it was confirmed, and were direct, upfront, and honest about the data breach when CEO Gregg Steinhafel posted YouTube videos explaining the details of the breach.

Topic Sentences:

1. When Target was made aware of the data breach, they immediately launched an internal investigation including the secret services to mitigate any potential future damages to themselves and their customers.

2. Once the data breach was confirmed, Target reached out to multiple credit reporting agencies to allow compromised customers the chance to access free credit monitoring to attempt to satisfy their affected customers.

3. The day following the initial reports of a data breach, Targets CEO Gregg Steinhafel posted informative YouTube videos explaining what had happened, what target is doing about it, and what customers should do to protect themselves regarding the data breach to be upfront and completely honest with their customers.

Body Paragraph:

In response to one the largest data breaches in United States history, the victim, Target had a plan in place to help the affected customers monitor their credit score. There were an estimated 40 million customers, many of whom were done shopping at Target in the future.