Questions On Organizational Behavior

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Assignment Week 3
Cristina Aguilera
Florida National University
Organizational Behavior
Dr Harvey J. Weiss
February 09, 2013

Assignment Week 3
Question: 1 To begin, I would like you to understand what motivation is and how it works. Motivation is the forces acting on by a person that will cause him or her to behave in a certain way towards a goal. (Aswathappa, 2005, p. 348) As a child, my hispanic family embedded motivation for all my early year goals. Motivation was the drive and the purpose for wanting to reach the next step or goal. As a parent today, I realize that the same motivational skills that were used as a kid I also used with my kids.

Question: 2
I feel that job satisfaction is not strongly related to the job performance because people have different levels of satisfaction. Due to this, it is evident that your performance my lack even though you may be satisfied. One must clearly understand the expectation as a result of performance in order to produce. This on the contrary is not related in any way to job satisfaction. (Murray, Poole, & Jones, 2006, p. 55)

Question: 3
Goal setting is very important in a job setting because it effects job performance. Goal setting is the process of understanding what you want to accomplish with others such as teams, groups and other individuals. This will indeed therefore result in an increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness. The reason why it effects performance is because having goals improves performance while attaining the job expectations. Performance will be high when the challenging goals have been set and the ability and commitment are present. (Stuecker, 2010, p. 152)

Question: 4
Reward system for high performance is being able to motivate others to perform and being able to enhance by utilizing one of the several reward systems such as Informal, Profit Sharing, Skill-base Pay and also flexible Programs. (Kendrick, 2009)

Question: 5
There are many factors that influenced my level of goal commitment in this course. To begin, I am 38 years old and have always wanted to earn my Bachelor’s degree. During the