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Religion and Church While most religious people would say I do not worship God, because I do not attend church, I do not believe this to be true. I do not believe that I am required to attend church in order to worship God. I also do not believe that because I am a sinner, I am going to Hell. Because if this were the case, we would all be going to Hell. While what I do believe, others would say is wrong, even though my beliefs are my opinions as to how I feel about church and religion. According to the article, “Organized Religion in a Voluntaristic Society,” Nancy T. Ammerman states, “No single institution absorbs our religious energies either over a lifetime or at any given moment. Are we therefore religiously uncommitted? My answer is a clear “no.” What I believe she is trying to say, is that as a “New Age,” we need to be “developing new models” that may help us better connect with God. For example, walking into a church and singing or being preached to about God makes me feel any closer to him, than I did outside of the church. The times that I do feel close with God, is when I am helping others. When I say helping others, it ranges from helping someone out with 50 cents, to letting someone borrow my jacket, and even if possible, giving someone enough money to feed their family. This is what I feel religion needs to be about. Being that we are all human, we all make mistakes, and on one occasion or another we hopefully learn from