Critical Analysis Of Miss Brill

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Sam Skydrive
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English 121
23 November 2014
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In the story, “Miss Brill” written by Katherine Mansfield(1920), the author uses several ways to specify an old woman with a kind heart, Miss Brill, which is the main character of the story. On a Sunday afternoon something changes her mind when she was sitting in the park and listening to the music band. Mansfield (1920) uses Miss Brill’s reactions and emotions in order to show her traits of critical, intelligent, and sensitive. The first feature of Miss Brill is critical. She talks critically about the things that she saw in the park. As she arrived to the park, talks about the music band. "And the band sounded louder and gayer" (p. 227). She taught the music band is playing better than last season (p. 227). Also, Miss Brill talks about others who were in the park. For example, Miss Brill found something ludicrous about all of them. They were bizarre, quiet, most of them are old, and looks like they just come from dark rooms (p. 228). The second trait of Miss Brill is very intelligent. Mansfield (1920) shows lots of intelligence of Miss Brill in the story. For example, she turned her day into a stage play in the park and gave everyone a role in her play. They were all on stage and acting (p. 229). It was great that she thought everyone must come every Sunday for the show and they would have noticed to her attendance (p. 229). The opinion of playing in the park performance and