Rewriting Literary History In Wide Sargasso Sea

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Throughout the remainder of September, as we discuss Wide Sargasso Sea and various short works and poems, you will be exercising and sharing your analytical and creative abilities by rewriting literary history! Here are the steps you will follow:

1. Form a group with other AP Lit students (any periods). There is no maximum number of students per group.
2. Select a character from the literary canon who is vilified, maligned, or marginalized by the story itself. He or she may be the antagonist – a villain or main impediment to the protagonist – or a minor character who is depicted negatively by the narrator’s version of events.
3. Use the library’s databases to research, find, and read literary criticism that promotes new views of your character. Note the approach each critic uses (i.e. psychological, Feminist, Marxist, post-colonial, reader-response, etc. See my handout and the textbook for a list of critical approaches to literature).
4. Use at least one critical essay as a springboard to create a new version of reality for your character. This “reality” may not alter any events in the original story, but should instead present them in a different, more sympathetic light.
5. Convey your character’s version of events in a script and video OR story and picture book. Make sure to include at least 5 postmodern techniques discussed in the WSS powerpoint.
6. Write and type a detailed paragraph explaining your challenge. Make sure to include the following information:
a. title and basic story line