Essay about Critical Art Review of "As Time Goes On"

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Final Draft: Responding To Art

The colorful painting, rendered As Time Goes On, depicts a wide rectangle that you have to take a couple of steps back in order to see clearly. The painting is layered with yellow lines that loop and turn all throughout the canvas, and at some segments of these lines additional yellow lines branch out like little ribs. Also very clear in the painting is the use of circles, or spots. There are many of them seemingly placed in a random order all throughout the painting, and each one seems to have different variations of color as well as size. In addition there are long wide ovals that go in different directions and are also scattered throughout the piece. These differ also in color and somewhat vary in size.
I believe that the artist is trying to communicate the feelings and the thoughts that are connected to each of our lives being spent. After all, the title is labeled “As Time Goes On,” and so from deeply examining the work of I had a strong interpretation that it was in fact, a depiction of the human life cycle, albeit an abstract portrayal. After a thorough analysis , there are several aspects of the work that lead me to this conclusion.
Both left and right ends contain similar colors and patterns- they have light blue as a theme and a black background. Thus the parallel aspects of birth and death. The blue spots on the left immediately turn yellow as you move left to right, and then slowly to darker yellow and orange - youthful life and energy emerging and then slowly fading. This trend continues as the circles get darker and start to form colors such as dark red and reminiscent purple, and then back to light blue,