Critical Literacy Narrative

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At a young age, I completely hated math. I wasn't as good at math in comparison to my peers. I usually received low scores and felt like math took long to process compared to other subjects. Years went on and I still lacked the skills that others in my grade had accomplished. Math was just a negative thing in my life. Starting freshman year I wanted to understand math, I wanted to excel in the subject itself. I was taking an Algebra 1 course all year long. The teacher failed to teach the class the basics of algebra. Therefore, I had to look our for myself and get tutoring. Although, being tutored, I essentially passed the class with a D on my final exam. I didn't understand the basic methods and techniques the way I should have been able to know by the end of the year. However there was no excuse, I …show more content…
I had done worksheets, quizzes and practice along with my teachers and peers. Everyone supported one another when there was a lack of understanding. Leading to mastering the basics of the class, I learned to enjoy math. I was learning in so many ways. I took many failures as an opportunity to reevaluate what I needed to improve on and work harder in those sections. I took the MCAS I actually got an advanced. Ever since then although I'm not the top of the class I had excelled in geometry and algebra and most of the types of math I've learned. My junior year was my best year for math. I did excellent in Algebra 2, I learned that seeking for help was and still is the best decision. Excelling in math around that time wasn't just done overnight for me, my success came from working hard, looking for help when needed,helping others, and trying different methods. Now as the year go by. math still isn't my greatest subject, I'm an average student in terms of math, however, I know now to search for help which will create learning math a positive experience with positive