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Short Critical Reflection Paper

Some might say the crime of the 21st century will be white collar. If that is true, what will be the major types of cybercrime? How can we safeguard against it?
I feel that some of the major cybercrimes that will take place are child exploitation, internet fraud, and computer hacking. Of these three, I feel that child exploitation is the biggest and most serious of them. All too often you hear of these sick individuals who go on these social media networks and convince the young people to meet somewhere and kidnap and commit other disgusting act with them. Internet fraud is another big cybercrime I see continuing to grow if we don’t get a handle on it. I receive numerous emails stating that I have been awarded money due to some settlement, or that some banker wants me to help them or go into business with them. I think the biggest ways to safeguard against these threats is to monitor your children’s usage on social media sites, ensure you install up to date security software and don’t answer emails from people who you don’t know.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of synchronous and asynchronous learning in an online class with students from different professions living all over the United States – just like Ashford? I believe that there are advantages and disadvantages in both synchronous and asynchronous learning in online classes. In a synchronous learning, the biggest advantages I feel is being able to discuss material, ask questions, and interact with other classmates in real time. The biggest disadvantage is that it the school is almost handcuffed as to the areas of the world in which students can attend their school. As it states in chapter 8.4 in our text (Introduction to Computer Literacy, Bolwes, M.D. 2010, San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.), when it is noon in New York, it is midnight in Jakarta, Indonesia. This makes attending a class at 2 p.m. impossible for someone living half a world away. The advantage to attending a asynchronous learning class is that you can attend the course no matter where you are at, as there is no actual time that you need to log on. The disadvantage to this type of learning is that you need