Critical Reflection On Indigenous Australians

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Critical reflection is considered essential for personal and professional growth and improvement. This essay will explore and critically reflect upon my own beliefs regarding the societal group; Indigenous Australians and will discuss what has influenced or shaped these beliefs.
When I was younger I always assumed that Indigenous Australians were heavy alcoholics who did not have to work yet still received everything for free. They willfully caused scenes of drunken and disorderly behavior in public places making citizens fear for their safety. My beliefs were shaped by the experiences I encountered when growing up in a low-class demographic along with the values that my parents drilled into me during my early teenage years such as “get a job, work hard and pay your own ways”. Although I still support this value, I do now realise I held many negative beliefs towards Indigenous Australians.
It was not until I became an employee in the workforce that my thinking significantly changed and my beliefs on Indigenous Australians were altered. My chosen career requires me to interact with other coworkers and communicate with them on a daily basis.
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I believe that everybody should be treated with equal opportunities no matter their race, gender or religion. I held many negative stereotypes towards Indigenous Australians because I took these people at face value or as the saying goes ‘I judged a book by its cover’. Some impacts that these beliefs might have on working with this group in future practice is the failure to provide a culturally inclusive and responsive environment for Indigenous Australians. I previously held the beliefs that they were all undeserving individuals who bring problems such as alcohol addiction upon themselves. Therefore, as an emerging practitioner, I must learn to align my personal values with the values of this profession in order to effectively fit the role as a social