Critical Thinking Essay

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October 4, 2012
Complete the following activities in Pearson’s
MystudentsuccessLab, located on the student website: * Practice 1: Understand What’s Important: Information Literacy basics * Practice @: Act on what’s important: Critically Analyzing internet Sources
Answer these follow-up questions in 100 to 150 words each: * What did you learn? * What did you not learn?

1. What did you learn? I learned that most college student use library and the internet. The internets do not have reliable assistance so if you need help there no one there to help you. You also need strong literacy skills. When searching for resources on the internet it’s a risk to assume that an internet source is reliable, credible, or accurate, look for bias and opinion. Also I learned that the internet is a great place to find resource for paper, speeches, and projects. We need to also worry about citing and source or paying for use, because post or sharing music through a file-sharing service without permission from the copyright holder is a technical copyright violation. Always keep in mind what you need to find or locate, examine the URL, examine the synopsis- or short description of the site, also examine the related searches list.

2. What did you not learn? There was not really anything I did not learn from analyzing internet sources. First in saying that I really know a lot about the using the internet, not saying I’m perfectly smart when it comes to everything about