Critical Thinking Essay

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Critical thinking is what some uses as they grow in the thinking process. There are six stages of critical thinking. These stages are the unreflective thinker, the challenged thinker, the beginning thinker, the practicing thinker, the advanced thinker and finally the Master thinker. People go from one to the other as they learn the critical thinking process. During this class I have learned to use the critical thinking process while trying to do my assignments. To use critical thinking while at work and having to learn or do something new. We have just started having to do the laundry at work at night. It took a lot of thinking to fit this new chore into our regular chores at work. I have figured out how to make it work to benefit myself and the others whom I work with. I start my night off by checking my patients, getting together all the dirty linen I can to get it started. They take an hour to wash and a half hour to dry. So this works out great for in-between our rounds every two hours we can wash the clothes get them in the dryer and fold them within the time frame of doing rounds. It is going to be a challenge on the two nights a week we have to wash wheelchairs also because this is very time consuming. I was at the beginning thinker stage when starting this class, I placed myself in this stage because I find it hard to change the way one thinks about certain things. The way the world is everyone is in a hurry to get done with whatever they