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Critical Thinking Final Presentation
If noticed was the lack of critical thinking in the planning and developing of new sales and marketing campaigns, then it would be classified as a problem. Classifying this as a problem is because it is unacceptable but is not disagreed about by other intelligent, informed people. A problem is a situation regarded as unacceptable and, can be solved by deciding what action will change the situation for the best.
A few methods can be used to produce ideas to resolve this problem. One of them would be to experiment. This would be to take a few people and do a controlled procedure or test to be able to provide data on how well the solution may work. Published reports could help to back up your idea to implement critical thinking into marketing. Asking how questions will help you to think of ways to improve the critical thinking and what is the best way to implement this procedure also.
Resistance to change, which is the tendency to reject new ideas and new ways of seeing or doing without examining them fairly. Conformity, when we do instead of thinking in order to belong to a group or to avoid the risk of being different. Mine-Is-Better habit, which is when you feel your idea or way, is better than others are. These habits and perceptual blocks are ones that we have to stop and thinking about before letting them control the decisions, we make. Keeping an open mind helps best to overcome these.
To detect bias in research you have to look for a few clues. One of them is when the research focuses only on one outcome and does not give multiple outlets. Another way is to see how much the writer refers to how they feel about the subject. You can also search the writer to see what else they have written about or what their background is as this can help you see if they are a bias person. Also, check the story out from other outlets or articles and see what they are saying.
How can critical marketing help with new campaigns? How can critical thinking training be incorporated into the new hire process? What kind of process would work best for this marketing firm? How would critical thinking benefit the bottom line of sales? How much time should be allotted for the training? What questions might the executive marketing board ask?
When evaluating the arguments I looked for double standard, shifting the burden of proof, overgeneralizing and irrational appeal. Each research was looked over for errors that might affect the validity of the information. The research was looked at for enough information to give the reader the ability to agree or disagree, it was also checked for the author and what their background was about or other articles they may have written.
In the research, I found that one article I found seem more on the personal thought of the information but also provided additional information to back them up. I did not notice any errors or assumptions in the articles they both provided information and provided numbers and informed information.
Two techniques that could be used in presenting the ideas and persuade the audience could be the following. One would be to create a presentation visually but also with hands on. Have a few colleges help you out and act out a scenario one with how things are now and