Critical Thinking Essay

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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Critical thinking means to systematically analyze, and assess each part for quality and then improve it. Understanding the process of thinking and reasoning and to use and analyze these elements of purposes, information, assumption, question, concept, implication, and points of view. All of these elements are present whenever we reason with one another. In my personal experience with using these elements of thinking, I had an incident with my team leader. I have to give here my hours for the week because when I do a particular job each week the company pays me at a different rate and I have to make sure I receive my pay accordingly. I knock on her door be for approaching here, and as soon as I stepped in her presents she immediately slam her door on me. I did not deserve such reaction from her my intentions was business and I take my job and my money very seriously. So I stood there for a second in shock that this woman would slam the door on me. She immediately opens it and smiled it off saying she was going to take care of my hours of pay. In my mind I’m thinking the damage was already done. I walked out of her present and told a coworker what happened and she couldn’t believe it, either. At this point I was hurt and offended that she would stoop to that level of behavior. It affected my work performance the rest of the day in which I had to talk to someone who I could trust. Understanding her thought process in why did she do what she did. The purpose, implication, inference, in her action I was not able to foresee at the time. Taking control of my own thinking pattern so as not to take matter out of control I need to get some answers. So I spoke to another team leader who use to be my team leader in the past, and told him what had happen, and what she did, I did not think I deserve such aggression. He said no, and that she should not have done that. Critical Thinking I ask him not to say anything about it I just needed to talk to someone else about it to help me get my thoughts together. I used information from my previous class to help me understand her point of view. Maybe she was under some pressure, and I just came to her at the wrong time. Even though she was in the middle of doing payroll from what she, told me. This had up stetted me all day and I had to talk to her to see what made here slam the door in my face when two weeks prior we had a meeting, and she openly stated that they have an open door policy meaning the team leaders, and we should feel free to come to them. She proved that policy to be false. The following day I went back to her door knock, and ask could I speak to her privately, and she told me to come in, and close the door. So I ask her the other day when I approach to talk about my time you slammed your door on me she laugh it off, and said I didn’t mean that, she said to me I was going to take care of it. She began to tell me how she appreciates me and how professional I am at work and so on. The point of the thinking processes is that I had to discover what was on this persons mind in why she treated me that way. I am glad I did approach her to get this out on the table so I could move forward. The mind is a powerful thing critical thinking is even more powerful,