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Beliefs are very important in a person’s life because it defines who we are, where we

come from and have a big influence on how we accept what’s right or wrong. They also

provide us information about our world and it influences our activity with in it. Many

factors contribute in our beliefs structure like culture, parents, teachers, gender, authority

figures and religion. Although there is no actual proof that these beliefs are true we tend

to believe them because that’s what we been told to believe from childhood. There are

beliefs that are absurd and there are beliefs that are completely convincing. Religious beliefs have played a big role since the beginning of time and have given us

morals and values that we practice on the daily basis. They also have a strong influence

on the culture off a community. There is a big diversity of religion beliefs some of

these are Animism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Taoism, and

Catholicism. Some people are extremely into their religious beliefs that are willing to

give their life’s for it. An example of this is the Islamic belief, and not all Islamic are

the same but there are those who have become extremist and think that the western

civilization is in their land trying to impose their beliefs and resort to anything to

make sure that doesn’t happen. Religious beliefs of a person can also change

depending on how much exposure they get from a different ideology.

Ethnicity and gender also contribute a lot in our beliefs, for example most

hispanics males are possessive and believe that the women are meant to stay home

and are not capable of doing some of the things men do. Although this has changed

over the years specially when they move to a country like the united states. These…