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Critical Thinking
Using Analytical Thought
To Solve Problems

December 12, 2010

The human mind is one of the most complex areas of study that scientist have ever endeavored to study. There are a multitude of life situations that predetermine, determine and alter the human development and thought process. A persons genetic, socioeconomic, social, educational and economic background play a large factor in how people think and make decisions in life. A person’s ability to problem solve is effected by the family’s beliefs and expectations as well as societal norms. Most of our decisions are made based on this belief system. We find it very difficult to go against the grain of what is considered to be normal. Our religious belief system greatly determines how we will address daily life decisions and crisis situations.
I was brought up in a single parent matriarchal home from the age of eight under strict rules and expectation to abide by the law, respect others and to be independent. I contribute my entire life to honoring the morals and values that my mother and father instilled in me. Although my father remained a constant parental figure in my life up until he passed away in 1983. My mother was the dominate force in my life that helped determine my thought process in how I address problems. My mother had great expectations that my sister’s, brother’s and I made good decisions and when we didn’t she expected us to be able to justify the decisions that we made. Although my family did not attend church every Sunday our home was very spiritual. I referred to our home as spiritual and not religious because we prayed in our home and spoke of God on a regular basis but we did not attend church or read the bible regularly. My mother reinforced her parental guidance by referencing the norms of society, what’s good and bad followed by the teaching of the Bible and God’s expectation.
I can honestly say that I address life’s daily challenges and crisis