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West divide a little slice of heaven By: Koby Stark

As a young boy in Colorado living on a ranch in west divide it feels like you’re on top of the world because you can’t really get higher than you already are. It’s beautiful and peaceful up there there’s not many people that go up there unless its hunting season then there’s a good amount of people up there.

When I picture west divide in my head I just see David’s memorial it’s a camp site my family uses during hunting season. It’s a memorial for this man that hunted up there his whole life then fell off the cliff during a snow storm. Now if you go there you have to leave something in the memorial in case anyone gets lost up there, then there are all these little supplies that can help you make out of west divide.

West divide is a beautiful, peaceful, and quiet place high up in the Rocky Mountains there is elk, deer, cows, coyotes, sheep, and there is even wild horses all around west divide. It’s so high up that there’s only like 5 people that live up there. There are tons of bugs and birds there’s even a couple lakes but you have to the top then there’s fish and leaches.

The first time I went up to west divide I was at least four and by the time we got to a camp site I remember being fascinated because how the trees were and the columbine flowers were in bloom everywhere and the animals would never stop all day and night they are up making noises. And so