Essay about Critical Thinking

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Libby Dunning
PHI 105
April 24, 2013
Lori Eyre

What is Critical Thinking?

Critical Thinking is a strong topic in the field of education. We are given the opportunity to test thinking skills, which will identify, emphasize and develop the use of solving problems, taking test, and engaging in discussion forums with other students. This strategy will improve the quality of one’s own thinking using skillful analogies, then assessing and reconstruction them. Critical thinking is often used in everyday lifestyle, whether it’s at home, school church, or your place of employment. I’m going to take the time to emphasize my critical thinking skills in the work place. A while back as I may recall a particular problem occurred in the workplace, where I had to think about a situation that came about concerning another coworker. The other coworker had a problem with following job rules, which was using a cell phone in the workplace. I was asked to monitor her usage, and if usage occurred I had to report it to the manager. I had to do some serious thinking about this, because choices had to be made. If I had told the manager it could cost her, her job. According to Paul (1995), “the elements of thought are the basic building blocks of thinking, essential dimensions whenever and wherever it occurs (p.124) (see Appendix A for the Elements of Thought). This course will require us to think through the content gain adequate knowledge of the skills. When students learn to disposition themselves, thinking will become part of their daily behavior.