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Critical Thinking week 4

Ball Corporation
1.How do you think a small margin fir error affects communication on a project? I think that Ball Corporation I feel that in a small margin can affect communication, as the project for the Ball Corporation leaves no margin for error. Everyone involved in this project knows about it because there is no room for errors everyone is a really detailed when sharing the information. They are making sure that everyone is on the small page when it comes to listening. We have been learning in the class discussion different between listening and hearing to each other. But if it was individual they could miss a minor detail I don’t feel that it would impact the project.

2.In what ways do you act differently in a face-to face meeting than you do during a telephone conference call? When doing a face-to-face meeting it’s giving an individual in the same room, everyone needs to make sure that they are dressed in a professional manner along with minding their manner and act in an ethical way. When you are on the telephone conference call you can’t dress professionally or even act appropriate because everyone else in the meeting is able to see you. That is why one doesn’t need to dress up it’s just a remembering to practice a good phone skills as a tone of voice play a crucial role.

3.Why is writing communication essential in some situation (such as conveying specifications), while oral communication is essential in others (such as technology interchange transfers)? When writing communication it’s one less of a