Critical Thinking Essay

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What is Critical Thinking?
Aaron Moore Axia College of University of Phoenix


What is Critical Thinking? Does every need to think critically? Yes! If everyone just made assumptions on how they could do things, the world would be in chaos. Critical thinking is what helps everyone in his or her day-to-day decisions. No matter how big or small the decision everyone thinks critically.

Critical thinking is basically making wise decisions. In our reading making wise decisions is to “not being way- laid by temptation, emotion, greed, irrelevant considerations, stupidity, bias, or other similar things. “ (CHAPTER 1: WHAT IS CRITICAL THINKING, ANYWAY?) While making a decision, and you let your emotions get the better of you, you may regret your outcome later. The same can be said for greed and temptation. Say you want to buy new clothes, but you know you need your money for other things. What you need and want are not always the same. So if you let your want out beat your need, you may be hurting in the end.

Rational decisions, without thinking clearly could create a big mess. Like the story of the teenager who decided to run away from the cops. He thought rational, but didn’t think everything through. And as everyone knows, if you run from the cops it just adds to the felony. But if the teenager had just thought everything though while being read his rights, the teenager probably would have realized