Critical Thinking Essay

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Critical thinking is thinking in depth. When you are using critical thinking, you are evaluating, figuring out if claims are true, somewhat true, false or somewhat false. It is a very detailed way of thinking and when thinking critically, you spread every factor out concerning the subject and evaluate them to not only learn more but to allow yourself to have your own opinion and mind set. Critical thinking sounds like a simple tacks, but to be perfectly honest, it can be more difficult to do. I learned how helpful being able to be critical when thinking can truly be and how big of a difference it can make with several different types of situations. You use critical thinking for class assignments, everyday decision making, work related situations and more. For example, I have a six year old son and along with parenting comes a lot of decision making. I always want to make sure I made wise decisions so being able to think critically allows me to evaluate my options or just about the situation itself. Another example would be viewing a presentation that will require me to decide and give opinion concerning the presented material. I would use critical thinking to make sure I am educated about the material in a detailed manner which will not only allow me to have an opinion but be able to explain it to others to help them understand my point of view. Before this course, I did use critical thinking but in a more everyday life way. After learning more about critical thinking, I feel more confident in the work I turn in and the material I learn because I’m using critical thinking more with my work and have seen much better results in doing so. It truly