Essay on Critical Thinking and Different Atv Riders

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Ethical and Critical thinking
Week 6 Assignment

My answer before seeing the video was a yes. Who wouldn’t want to try out an ATV for free of charge, a Yamaha rhino at that? They even went as far as to say you can bring it back even if it gets damaged. The offer includes exploring the hills and streams all day site seeing to test out the product before buying it, if you wanted to even buy it. To a lot of people that’s a great deal and on a scale 1 to 100 a 100. After watching the video my response has changed. The twist to the offer is because not everyone really knows the danger behind heavy equipment. As I watch the interviews from different ATV riders I discovered new things about the rhino that made me change my answer to trying the equipment out. From the personal who work for the company or on the equipment to the personal who purchase an ATV they all have one thing in common.
The rhino tips over easily and is extremely heavy and kind of hard to control if it gets out control. A lot of personal have suffered body injuries from riding on these ATV’s. The video made it seem like people where the only cause of the injuries. Reports showed differently. That’s what made my scale of 1 to 100 go down to a 0. The risk of knowing that even people that are being safe on the equipment can get injured I don’t feel safe. I wouldn’t even ride on the back with someone. The risk is just as dangerous. For the people that where doing the wrong thing on the Rhinos for the