Essay on Critical Thinking and Philosophy

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Thinking Philosophy about life Philosophy is simply the love of wisdom and all has its origins in wonder. The beginning of philosophy is the conflict between opinions. Philosophy deals with the most complex challenging and profound question in life, questions that by their nature resist simple answers. It’s not a theory but a nativity. Greek means philosophy in origin. The composite of two Greek Roots are philein and Sophia. This means “Love and wisdom”. Together they mean “the love or pursuit of wisdom. Wisdom is someone you would consider “wise”. There possess is likely to be knowledgeable regarding certain areas or life. They would be able to use and apply this knowledge with great intelligence that’s distinguishes them . As we now see they are likely the kind of people who can get to the heart of a complex issue who are able to generate genuinely create solution to challenging problem who exhibiting insightful understanding of what it means to be human. The beginning of wisdom is to desire it. Viewing philosophy as the pursuit of wisdom was giving eloquent expression by the female philosopher perictione, who is thought to have lived around 300 B.C.E. However, human’s life has a centurial purpose to contemplate the profound essence of the universe and wisdom is in her mind, the divine gift we have to accomplish this. Philosophy begins with wonder. It focuses on the source philosophical thinking. The way encourages us to look both deeper and wider. Thinking philosophy is wonder. A search for unity of knowledge is desire to answer the great question of life. The feeling of wonder is the touchstone of the philosopher and all philosophy has its origins in wonder. Dynamic Process is a philosophy. The philosophy process is powered by conflict, brining divergent opinions together into a dynamic integration. It is the process by which we can disentangle completed issues and distinguish more informed ways of thinking from less informed. A critical thinker is someone who approaches life in an informed and reflective way this approach is