Essay on Critical Thinking and Societal Responsibilities

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Critical Thinking and Ethics

What is critical thinking? Critical thinking is the capability of showing you are able to focus on an issue and the big picture. Doing so, you are able to come up with justifying decisions and resolutions that’s best and suitable for everyone involved depending on scenario. It is also considered disciplined thinking that shows clarity and being opened minded to information. Having knowledge of material information which allows a person to form rational decisions especially when in crisis. There are six very important steps in the process of critical thinking. To begin, the first step is remembering, the ability to recall, retain and being aware of materials regarding facts, events, and or terms. In addition to remembering, the second step is understanding; in which is the ability to comprehend information and explain in a personal interpretation and intelligence. After being able to comprehend the material, you will move on to step three, applying. In applying you able to make use of relevant material especially in particular purposes. You may ask yourself questions, for example, will I be able to create a result out of the information from the material? Being able to find a result, brings us to step four analyzing. When analyzing information and or material you are able to separate and break down the material to constituent parts. In step five, we shall be evaluating. We will be determining and or judging the quality worth or significance of material information. Which brings us to the last step in the critical thinking process, creating; in step number six, we will be using our previous information from the material to invent or evolve ideas. In my case I prefer the well-being of everyone and assuring that individuals are being treated fairly. Also, I prioritize the value of rationality over sensibility. I have the ability to determine what processes and systems should be put into place to assure fairness and justice for all which shows both rationality and equality which is my primary concerns. I have overconfidence in believing that a consistent process results in a justifiable outcome for everyone; I may trust in this method too much. Although everyone should have equal access, it may not result in decisions is the application of a…