Critical Thinking: Evaluation Essay

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Critical Evaluation of an Academic Source
Odetta Rodriguez
Capella University

Critical Evaluation of an Academic Source This paper is a summary of critical evaluation of the suitability of an article as an academic source. The title of the article is Critical Thinking: An Extended Definition. The author, Professor Ken Petress, analyzes various definitions of critical thinking and provides his definition of the concept as well. It is vitally important when performing research on a topic that we completely understand the topic and that we can apply certain tests or questions to the topic in order to determine its relevance and validity.
Checklist for Critical Evaluation The
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I do feel, however, that the author has done this on purpose. In an effort to solidify his point that one should always choose an adequate amount of research to study and that a critical eye needs to be utilized with each source, supports the need for the researcher to not simply believe everything they read, but to apply pertinent questions and criteria to prove adequate reasoning within the literature.
Author’s Conclusions What conclusion(s) are being drawn by the author? What are the implications of the conclusion(s)? The conclusion being drawn by the author is that critical thinking should be applied in every aspect of our lives from academia, the professional realm, the arts, and everyday conversation. The implication of the conclusion is that applying critcical thinking is crucial. In higher education we are taught and required to apply the concept of critical thinking in our written work. However, often times we do not use the same process when we speak to one another or when we react to certain situations. I have had many instances where I reacted on impulse to a situation, and applied critical thinking after the fact, which often times has led to a disastrous situation.

Problem Areas What potential problems do you see in the