Critical Thinking In Nursing

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I would like to share a very powerful quote from an author, “behind every healed patient’s is a critical thinking nurse”. Nurses who practices and have the ability to use critical thinking focus on thinking to get the best results and outcomes for patients’ in various situations. Critical thinking nurses do make a differences whether the patients’ care succeed or failed. Critical thinking is about not accepting information at face value without evaluating whether is factual and reliable. Nurses with critical thinking are like an umbrella to nursing practice, as they include clinical reasoning and clinical judgment for high patient’s outcome. As a nurse I believe that nursing books applies brain-based learning, which acts as a strategy that would help nurses to plug into learning. However, critical thinking is thinking …show more content…
Every individual patient’s are unique and dynamic in their own ways. These unique factors that the patient’s and nurses bring to the healthcare are analyzed and interpreted for better clinical outcomes. The decisions made would be beneficial for patient and gives rise to nursing professions image. The Malaysian Ministry of Health and the Nursing Board of Malaysia had acknowledged the need for nurses to have critical thinking skills. Task the important of critical thinking is now been thought in basic nursing curriculum (Nurse Curriculum, 1996) (Abdul Ghani, et. al. 2010). Proudly I would say that today, Malaysian being a patient they are becoming better consumers of health care and this is achieved because of our strong support from the Ministry of Health and Nursing Board of Malaysia. In healthcare industry nurses and other healthcare providers including the patients work together as a team and every input is taken into consideration for the best clinical outcome for patients. I believe this is our new era in nursing profession; together we make a great