Critical Thinking In Today's World

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IVYT 10404H My way of Thinking about Critical Thinking in Today's World
Session 16
Assignment Name: Final Essay Questions
Student Name: Michelle Kauffman
Date you submit your work: May 4, 2012

The Assignment: In essay form, address the following questions:

1. What is critical thinking? First the word critical comes from two Greek roots, Kriticos which means discerning judgment and the other Greek root is kriterion which means standards. The text book from this class has described Critical Thinking as, “explicit thinking aimed at well-founded judgment, utilizing appropriate evaluation standards in an attempt to determine true worth, merit, or value of something.” The National
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The second critical thinking I will use in my life will be when I purchase a home. I will use Intellectual Perseverance thinking where buying a home is concerned. It is easy to go on first impressions. But I need to make sure I think on an intellectual perseverance and then rationally figure out what buying a house complexities are. I want to buy a house within the next year and have been watching a series on HGTV called House Hunters. I have to consider, size of home…square footage, how many rooms in the floor plan I would want. Do I plan to have a large family, if so what about the yard size? Can I have a fence, pool and a sun porch? Price for monthly payments being affordable and how does it rationally fit in my monthly budget. Will I be happy there for a lifetime? Do I want to live in the city or country? The third critically thinking I must do is about my employment. I would use Confidence in Reason. The book states to have confidence in reason you are moved in appropriate ways. This reasonability becomes one of the most important focal points in ones life. This concept of thinking can also be applied to my Religious