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April 30,2014
Critical Thinking 102

When I saw this poster I was just coming from school from my critical thinking class. This is why this picture caught my eye. It made me connect with critical thinking because there are a lot of thing coming out this person mind, this person is thinking actively. But then I saw the book which the person has and it say “BE YOU” and the question “What is perfection?” which made me connect to a specific lesson on critical thinking which is Creative Thinking because when your creative your being creative by being your self using your unique style of being creative and what you think that your perfect in. The reason I think Sonia Blackwall made this poster was to make people to build up there self esteem by letting them know that being your self is perfection. Which now in days a lot of people need especially young teenagers that are dropping out of high school because they don’t feel like there perfect or they can’t learn. Also other people that having trouble on finding them self of being perfect and don’t move on in life because they feel that they cant do anything which Sonia give us the answer that being perfect is being your self letting it come out yourself. This is why the picture says “Grow your own perfection” meaning that you could be perfect in your own way which could be anything you are good at. Which is a beauty because it the way you define yourself that why the word “beautiful” is seen a couple of time in this image. I wonder if other people had the same thoughts as me about this image. So I came up with an idea of putting it on a social website which my friends and family will give me comments on what they thought of this poster. This picture by Sophie Blackall got about 20 comments when I posted it. The comments majority was saying that every flower that’s coming out of the person head was an idea and the word beautiful was that the person feel beautiful being them self, other were saying the picture has to do how you grow your knowledge by reading. It was a good help putting this picture up on the social web because it good to know other people thought and majority of the people in the