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Tamara Chipman
30 March 2013
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking Same Sex Marriage
Homosexuals are defined as people who are sexually attracted by others of the same sex. The words gay or gay people often common terms used instead of homosexual. Homosexuality exists in all classes, social group, races, positions, and countries regardless to their age and or origin. Some of the earliest forms of print reinforce the existence of homosexuality in nearly the beginning of time. Since the Greek times homosexuality has been discriminated against.
After centuries of being discriminated against gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and trans genders (LGBT) started fighting for their rights. The global gay rights movement began over a 100 years ago, which has had a varied degree of success. The United States was the most receptive to this movement when it originated. However; discrimination and homophobia (the fear of gay people) still remain in today’s society. Throughout time the LGBT have encountered many stereotyping. They were often accused of being child molesters and sex crazed. Homosexuals were considered immoral and that it was unnatural because homosexuality violates the basic functions. Religious leaders often used the bible to defend this by saying Jesus says to go out and have children, and since LGBT cannot have children of their own they feel it is an act of sin.

Gayness was also considered a voluntary act or behavior. May people in society felt that if homosexuals really wanted to, they could control whether they were gay or straight. They also felt that being homosexual is a crime and that they are criminals.
Gays often defended themselves by arguing that homosexuality was something they were born with or that it is a characteristic of who they are. They also expressed that homosexuality is not a choice that can be controlled, just as you cannot control your race, origin, or the class which he or she is born into.
In 1969 the Stonewall Riots took place in New York. It was a three day protest; this was the first major attempt for gays to organize and to resist discrimination. In 1969 nine New York police officers raided the Stonewall Inn, an unlicensed and Mafia operated bar. As the police officers escorted the employees and customers out of the bar they were faced with many angry protestors. Over 400 LGBT gathered and resisted the police; they barricaded the police inside the bar and held them there. After the Stonewall Riot many gay rights groups were formed. Homosexuals also began fighting against the American Psychiatric Society to change the social norm. Psychiatrists use to classify homosexuality as a mental disease. But in 1973 the Association removed homosexuality from their official list At that time many LGBT began to come out of the closest, being very proud of their sexually and rejecting the old idea that homosexuality was shameful.
In the eighties as homosexuality became more and more socially acceptable, gay rights groups started to shift their powers. They campaigned towards equal treatment, treated as equal citizens and have the same rights and privileges. It was President Clinton who took the first pro-gay step. President Clinton introduced the so called Don't Ask Don't Tell policy for the military. It did not remove the ban of homosexuals in the military, but it did legalize the existence of gay soldiers in the military as long as they did not publicly reveal their sexual orientation. Furthermore this policy prohibited military officials from asking military personnel about their sexual orientation. This policy was not intended to discriminate against them, however; it clearly takes away their first amendment right like freedom of speech, it also violated the 5th and the 14th amendment right as well. In 1997 the entire policy was struck down for the violations of the constitutional equal protection guarantee.
Same sex marriages have become one