Essay Critical Thought #8

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Debra Norby (Howell)
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Critical Thought Paper #8

The advantages of effective drug testing at work are:

it increases productivity

it decreases accidents

decreased turnover

it decreases absenteeism The disadvantages of effective drug testing at work are:

invalid or false result

invasion of privacy

humiliating Notice that I have written effective drug testing in the above statements. Many drug

tests are not done properly and can be false positive- meaning- “False Positive” because

it quickly describes the outcome that the initial “positive” finding was wrong (or at least

does not agree with the first result), normally another test is taken. There are also “False

Negatives”. False Negative drug test results can occur when drugs are masked or


There are many ways of taking drug tests, for example, urine, hair, blood, breath air,

sweat and oral fluid/saliva. Each of these have their own pros and cons along with their

own properties on which drugs they will be most sensitive on marking.

The advantages to effective drug testing in schools are:

Identification of the commonly abused drugs

Discovery of offenders as well as lead to drug smugglers

Pursuance of reach out activities and programs to victims of drug abuse

Further protection and safeguard at school

Eliminate influence and peer pressure to use drugs

Provides manpower to implement a