Impact Of Human Resource Management

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(1.0). Introduction

Organizations are managed and staffed by human. With out people organizations cannot exist. Among all other resources inside the organization the ‘Human Resource’ falls in to the most dynamic category as well to the most vital category.

So, Human Resource Management has become one of the most discussed approaches to the practice and analysis of the employment relationship in world market economies. Whether the perspective is supportive or critical, the idea that a reformulated relationship between management and employees is occurring has taken hold to a considerable degree. There’s no doubt that the world as we know it is rapidly changing. As part of an organization then, HRM must be prepared to deal with the
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“Training and development will take place for their own sake. Popularity and fashion will be paramount. A strategic approach to HRD, in contrast, aims to meet an organization’s specific business objectives. The ultimate purpose of HRD is to help the organization and the individuals to compete more effectively, now and in future.” (Stone, 2002, p.331)

HR managers train employees in different ways. Designing training methods are more important to stick employees to technological changers it can include activities such as: ❖ Learning via involvement in research and visiting other works or organizations. ❖ Undertaking planned reading, or follow from the use of self teaching texts and video tapes; ❖ Receiving coaching from seniors; ❖ Learning via involvement in research and visiting other works or organizations. ❖ Learning from observation of trained workers;
But when carrying the training process that other factor that the HR manager should think is the trainability of the employees, they must be carefully selected careers by their previous performances, knowledge and skills.

Also the HR management can think of recruiting new qualified people to fill up the vacancies which needs more technological knowledge. Sometimes that could be more profitable when comparing the training expenditures and the recruiting process expenses. Sometime