Guglielmo Marconi's New Communication Technology

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Critical Thinking Questions – Module/Week 1

Chapter 2:
1. Question:
In what ways did Guglielmo Marconi's new communication technology pave the way for the current digital age?
Guglielmo Marconi’s invention of the radio has now impacted today’s media. Even though it was not fully Marconi’s idea, but he was productive enough to evolve it. Thus, he introduced the radio. Marconi’s invention of the radio revolutionized his time. His invention helped with the government who used it for communications between ships.
Today, Marconi’s invention of the radio has changed the way we communicate and receive our news and entertainment. We are just not using the radio for ships but for airplanes, trains, and even just regular walky-talky. Today we get our news fast and clear on the radio along with entertainment. We can listen to our favorite music or to the big football game. Marconi’s invention opened up the doors to big and better ideas for radio.

2. Question:
The development of the Internet is often compared to the development of television. Television was a direct outgrowth of radio and represented a great leap forward from radio. What you think will be the next emerging “big leap forward” in mass media?
The answer is not what will be the next “big leap forward,” but what is, and that is talking on the phone is now transforming to texting on the phone. When cell phones first were introduced, we were only able to talk on the new invention. Though as time went by we improved our new phones and added text. Where we can just send one another a few words and be done with it. The cell phone was first big and bulky but now it is small and sleek. We cannot only make phone calls but text each other. This is what is already a “big leap forward.” Texting is already chosen over phone conversations. Texting would be consider a “big leap forward” because most conversations now days are through texting. Texting has become so huge that we have slang words or acronyms. These acronyms used in text are also used in a phone or face-to-face conversation as well (e.g. OMG-Oh my gosh, TTYL-Talk to you later, or JK-Just kidding). We can clearly say that phone calls and texting can be categorized as a “big leap forward.”

Chapter 7:
1. Question:
Explain and critique how advances in content mobility are changing our access and consumption of mass media content. How do you predict this development will change your own life in the near-term and moderate-term future?
Today we have all the Internet access we want in the palm of our hands. Our cell phones have basically replaced our computers, televisions, GPS. There are features on our phones that allow us to watch live television or just take photos