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Title: What monetary rewards can and cannot do: How to show employees the money
Authors: Herman Aguinis, Harry Joo, Ryan K. Gottfredson
Source: Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
Database: SciVerse ScienceDirect

The article ‘What monetary rewards can and cannot do: How to show employees the money’ discusses that monetary rewards can be powerful in determining employee motivation and performance and in turn it can lead to important returns of firm-level performance. Sometimes, however, monetary rewards do not always lead to appropriate outcomes. In this article, the authors discuss what monetary can and cannot do and the reasons why, in reference to improving employee performance. There five general principles to help guide the deign of successful monetary reward systems which include: (1) define and measure performance accurately, (20 make reards contingent on performance, (3) reward employees in a timely manner, (4) maintain justice in the reward system, and (5) use monetary and non monetary rewards. The article also discusses guidelines for implementing each of the five principles. This research and findings of the authors of this article enable managers and other organizational decision makers to understand when and why monetary reward systems are likely to be successful in term of enhancing employee motivation and performance. For me, this article isn't something I can disagree about. It doesn’t take a stand on a prejudice or a bias, but it talks about facts and facts that are backed by research and evidence. I found myself agreeing with most of what was written. I feel like monetary rewards may actually demoviate employees because I feel like there is a natural tension between intrinsic and extrinsic motice, and that monetary rewards can ultimately lower the enjoyment, curiosity and learning or personal challenges. Don’t get me wrong, money is good but there are times that money is the center of a job and someone isnt actually enjoying what they do. Money makes most people greedy. The article talks about when and when not to give monetary rewards. The article says “monetary rewards do not improve enployee’s job-relevant knowledge, skills and abilities(KSAs).” I find this also to be true with giving monetary incentives to get employees to be creative. I believe it can lead the employee to give an even worse performance. If you are giving these employees money for not knowing something, that will lead them to believe that they are doing the certain task correctly and will