Critique: Dance and Perpetual Motion Dance Essay

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Critique Assignment
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to a dance concert? Well I am going tell you how my first dance concert experience since many years went by that I could remember. I went to the John Anthony Theatre for the Dance Fusion Concert on November 10, 2013. The dance that was choreographed by Amy Querin is called Belonging and performed by Perpetual Motion Dance. The music was by Silver Mt Zion and the two performers were Michelle Moeller and Amy Nevius. The dance is about two same sex female lovers finding their place in the world and eventually with each other.
The dance was has a story and therefore is not abstract, the idea of the story was that two people of the same sex found each other and began to help and love each other. At first they were both sad and wanted to be there for one another and comfort so they could get off the ground and to another day. The mood of the dance was slow and flaccid the melodic tunes and the dance put me in a lax state of mind. I feel the choreographer was trying to communicate that every relationship starts out the same. If someone maybe hurting emotionally or physically you will want to help them out and they see the good in you and vice versa. They are caught up in the world trying to find their own way and one tries to help the other or show her way of doing things but the other lady doesn’t listen and she gets hurt. Then she tries her way but it’s still not good enough so she shows her again. This time she is a little more brute while showing her and hurts her physically, so she pushes her right back down to the ground where she found her. It shows that in relationships if you let someone push and pull you every which way they will. I feel that anyone can relate to this even in real life, there has to be boundaries and you have to stand your ground and not be afraid. It is as well about domestic violence in relationships, even in same sex relationships and the damage they cause to people’s lives.
The dancers used most of the complete space of the stage however they stayed mostly downstage and closer to the audience. The shapes the dancers made with their bodies were curved and straight, they stayed mostly on low to medium levels in the dance, in this dance they were near and far but not too far as well as alone and connected. Which is much the same as in an unhealthy relationship; it was also one of the more time consuming dances the moves were pre-determined. There were slow and steady, it was more of a metric pattern of beats. The dynamics of the dance movements were sustained, strong, she moved as if she were bound by something maybe the other woman. The energy was suspending me like I was watching over myself while it was swinging me back and forth. It helped that the stage lighting was dark, this gave the illusion that they were in a dark place in life. The costumes allowed the dancers to move freely or see that they were bound; not necessarily by things but by emotions. The music played a huge part of the suspended feeling.
I feel…