Critique: Writing and Buzzards Essay

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“...Welcome Back the Buzzards” Analysis “When Spring Rolls Around, It’s Time Once Again to Welcome Back the Buzzards” is written by Janet Webb Farnsworth. This is an informal essay considering its use of grammar, lack of thesis, and also its sentence and paragraph structure. Farnsworth also uses a comparison method of development, which shows the likeness or similarities of two things in an organized manner. Primarily, this is a comparative composition because the author shows the likeness or similarities of a mother and a buzzard. For example, in the fifth and sixth paragraphs, it is stated that both the buzzards and the mother take a while to get going in the mornings. Also, paragraph eight says that no one bothers the buzzards in the morning, just like how no one bothers the mother in the morning. There are also several more similarities in addition to these examples. Moreover, Farnsworth does not include a thesis statement in the first paragraph. She only includes in the last paragraph that “...Jessica called it pretty right. Those buzzards and I are alike...” In addition to having no thesis statement, Farnsworth uses the word “I” quite frequently, does not spell out numbers, as seen in paragraphs one, seven, and nine. She also uses a great amount of contractions, including “I’d,” “don’t,” “haven’t,” etc. Also, paragraph five consists of only one sentence, which is not allowed in formal writing. Next, there are a couple uses of figures of speech in this essay.