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Mark Talavera
HOW TO CRITIQUE A WEB #1! 1.) Explain your filters. Why are you looking at it? Did you choose it
When I googled the word Catholic, this website was second choice. Of course wikipedia was the first choice. I choose this one because of the Catholic News and Information Center for Catholics and All People of God, to Help them Deepen their understanding of our Catholic Faith. Also the website included the Daily Readings, information about Saints & Angels, Prayers, and Bible. I also thought it was more interesting due to the interactive way of looking at different Catholic news. There was no preaching unless you clicked on the actual subject.
2.) Is the design like an encyclopedia article? Is it a “like a download?”

This website was like an encyclopedia article and no download. It was to inform, inspire and ignite. As you click on this website, several update popular topics in the media was in front of your face. You can also watch video according to the subject. For example the one of the article that I was interested was about a bible found open in Texas tornado debris.
“A couple in Van, Texas became the only casualties from a tornado that hit their area. After the storm, their neighbors found a Bible near the debris of their home. It was not the Scripture per se that brought them together and encouraged them to go on, but the page open when it was reported found.”

3.) Did it presume that you knew anything about the subject?
No, this website is not about what catholic faith in definition. It is all about several everyday available catholic news.

4.) Were the links user-friendly?
The links user friendly. I truly don't think this was a website for find information about the catholic religion unless you only want related topics. I don't think there was information glut. I don't think it was more information than I wanted but more peak more interest on different bias topics related to the catholic. Yes, this website does give easy access to different links according to the subject.

5.) Did it give you “information glut?” –more info than you really wanted?

Yes. Plenty of