Essay on Critique of Research Studies

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Critique of Research Studies – Part 1

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Health Care Research Analysis and Utilization


February 1st, 2013

Critique of Research Studies – Part 1

Title – Backrest Angle and Cardiac Output Measurement in Critically Ill

Patients (Quantitative)

An effective title of a quantitative research article should include the dependent variables, the independent variables, and the population studied. Ideally, this should be accomplished in 15 words or less while attracting the reader to the research article (Polit & Beck, 2008). The article “Backrest Angle and Cardiac Output Measurement in Critically Ill Patients” by Guiliano, Scott, Brown, & Olson (2003), does
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Literature Review

According to Guiliano et al. (2003) there have been very limited studies that have looked at position changes and the effect of cardiac output. Although the authors listed a total of 4 studies that had looked at the effect of positioning and cardiac output, two of the studies were performed in the eighties and the other two in the nineties. The authors use appropriate language while performing the review while avoiding their own opinion. The review does compare the similarities and differences of the studies while setting the stage for the authors own research. The important question is whether or not the literature review speaks to the current evidence available (Polit & Beck, 2008). The literature review hit many key points to a strong critique, although the articles seemed to be summarize as opposed to critically appraised.

Conceptual/Theoretical Framework

Guiliano et al. (2003) does provide a theory, model, or framework with the research article. The absence of a framework does not distract from the study or make the research any less significant. The intervention is clearly defined as well as the key concepts of the study. The goal of the study seems to be clear and relevant to nursing. Considering the study tests an intervention, the fact that a stated framework is not mentioned may suggest conceptual fuzziness(Polit & Beck, 2008).

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