Critique of “Stories from the Homefront: Perspectives of Asian Essay example

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September 28’11
Chicago State University
African American Studies (AFAM):
Cultural Diversity Course 1020.01
To: Professor Kim Dulaney
From: LauWanzer Quince
In re: Essay Report II: Critique of “Stories from the Homefront: Perspectives of Asian American Parents with Lesbian Daughters and Gay Sons”

I chose to write about this topic related to LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) because since I was 15 years old I have been able to relate and I have had many friends who are of Asian (Oriental) extract. Also, I have also had a roommate who was from Bankcock Thailand. This critique will cover an article written by Alice Y. HOM titled, “Stories from the Homefront: Perspectives of Asian American
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Ms. Liz Lee said nothing about talking to her daughter about her sexual orientation and freedom to choose or even the nascent origins of her homosexuality. Some times when the children of closet gay parents come out, they tend to do so with rather reckless abandon. This is clearly manifested in their children not only joining “Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Associations” (GLBA), but also becoming overtly open and vocal about it when they assume very visible and high positions within alternative organization in the way Sandy serves as the Co-chair of the GLBA. As a similar example of such a case is one in which a famous parents’ child who is gay may possibly be acting out second generation pent in feelings and hidden nature that they saw in their parents or of someone else close to them who they looked up when growing up. This certainly appears to be the case in the resent highly published magazine articles and the TV televised exhibition of the transgender story, in-and-out of Hollywood, of the gay daughter named Chez of Cher Bono who has for a long time been suspected of being gay and lesbian. In the same way that the articles’ author, Alice Y. HOM, pseudo name character named Liz Lee will get more than her own fair share of a few