Critique of a Toy Essay

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The toy I have chosen is the LEGO 750 BRICKS BOX TOY
This toy is good for children of ages 2 to 6 years, it allows for free play and helps children to be creative, it helps develop their learning skills and is good for their hand to eye co-ordination which also which also increase their physical and intellectual development ( Ellis flood 2010 Child Development for students in Ireland Dublin Gill & Macmillan )
Margaret Macmillan approach to the curriculum was designed around toy which develops a child’s fine and gross motor skills and manual dexterity and she regarded free play as an important aspect of a child’s development (Josephine Donohue & Frances Gaynor 2011 Education & Care in the Early Years 4th edition
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Their problem solving skills is developed too as they would want to make sure the outcome of their constructed blocks is perfect and their concentration skills is improved because they are engrossed by their play as they put in a lot of hours to achieve their goals.

This is a form of communication which is either written, spoken, signed language or body language. The child is able to communicate with an adult or to pretend play with the Lego man, as the adult talks to the children in a group playing with the Lego helps improve their understanding of languages.
Playing with the Lego bricks help the child develop their language skills by naming the structured he/she have constructed and interaction between the children is encouraged as they were able to share with one another and communicate as they build their house, car, living rooms, kitchens, farms, gardens, place, letters, animals will teach children vocabulary and help them make a constructive sentences. They help the child count numbers, letters and the images on the Lego is clearly stated for the child to pronounced with the help of an adult if he/she needs it.

Playing with the Lego bricks help the children develop their emotional development as the children will be anxious to build their house, car, trucks, farms and also help the child’s growth, ability to feel and express an increasing range of emotions. Play with the Lego bricks can be rewarding and