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Before and After

Alexx Mowbray 2013-09-24 ENG3U1 Mrs. Pavone
Plot Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ranson Riggs is a novel about a boy and his journey to find out the truth about his Grandfather. The novel begins with sixteen year old Jacob Portman and his ordinary life. As a kid his Grandpa Portman told him about the exciting adventures he had as a kid. The story was about Grandpa Portman being run out of Poland by monsters only to be brought to a mystical orphanage on a remote island protected by a big bird smoking a pipe. The children on this island were special in many ways. There was a girl that could levitate, a boy with bees inside of him, kids with unheard of strength, and even invisible children. Jacob fantasized about living a life like his Grandfathers. As Jacob got older he began doubting his Grandfather's stories. They were just an animated version of him becoming an orphan due to World War II. Grandpa Portman stopped telling these stories and they were forgotten. That is until Jacob was 15 and something happened that would change his life forever. One day while he was working at his part-time job Jacob had to run to Grandpa Portman's house because he was having another fit. Grandpa Portman was getting old and delusional and often believed the "monsters" were coming for him once again. However this time his fit lead Jacob to finding him next to death out in the woods behind his house. It seemed he had been attacked by some kind of animal. His last words were to warn Jacob to go to the island because it was not safe here and to admit there was something he should have told Jacob a long time ago. Having no time to explain he just whispered "Find the bird. In the loop. On the other side of the old man's grave. September third, 1940. Emerson-the letter. Tell them what happened." before taking his last breath. To top off the terrifying day Jacob caught a glimpse of what could be Grandpa's attacker; a grotesque monster with tentacles coming out of their mouth. Following that day Jacobs whole world changed. Everyone assumed he was crazy and he was sent to a therapist to help him through this time. Jacob became paranoid and haunted with nightmares.
With the approval of his therapist he began searching for a meaning to his grandfather's last words in hope that it would relieve his mind. He came up with no answers until he received a book that was found in his Grandfather's house with Jacob's name on it. The book was titled The Selected Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Inside the book was a letter to his Grandfather from Miss Peregrine asking how he was doing and letting him know that life of the island was the same. Attached to the letter was a picture of a silhouette of a woman smoking a pipe. The letter also included a return address to Cairnholm Is., Cymru, UK. Jacob concluded that the letter was the one Grandpa was talking about and Cairnholm must be the island Grandpa lived on. After convincing his parents Jacob and his Father travelled to the island hoping it would provide Jacob with closure. The island was remote and secluded and ran on generators. While Jacob's father examined the massive variety of birds on the island Jacob started his search for the Orphanage. Two boys that lived on the island led him through the forest to the big house but refused to take him all the way there. Jacob soon discovered that the house was completely run down and destroyed. The house was the opposite of the happy, safe place his Grandfather had described. Later that night Jacob's father confessed that Grandpa may have not been the man Jacob thought he was, and there was a chance that he may have been secretive and in an affair. Jacob didn't want to believe that and continued searching for answers. He decided to ask the man at the town museum, Martin, about the house and what had happened. He was told that during the war