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The various Roles and Components of Criminal Justice

The purpose of this paper is to describe the various roles and components of criminal justice and how it plays a very important role in our society. The roles of criminal justice are as follow: Officers/Corrections, Courts/Judicial, and Law Enforcement. I am going to explain the importance of each of these roles and how they help our society by the things that they do. Most people are afraid to pertain to police officers or police officials for any matter due to they do not see how they help us well after this paper I hope that you will have a clear understanding of what they really do for our society and our communities as a whole.

You might often ask yourself this questions: what are the purposes of officers/corrections? Why do they just ride around in their cars pulling people over? Do they make more money when they write the tickets that they do? Well to answer your questions I am going to say that the purpose of a correction officer is to enforce and support the laws of society, investigate crimes and apprehend (arrest) offenders, prevent crimes, help ensure domestic peace and tranquility, and to provide the community with needed enforcement related services. Why do police officers ride around in their cars pulling people over? Well police officers have the job to make sure that all community personals abide by the rules and regulations of everything. Do they make money off of the tickets that they write? Well to answer that question the answer is no, no matter what the crimes are even if it was drug violation and they had the proof on hand and the money associated with it then it would all just go into the evidence department and stay locked up. Police officers/ corrections jobs vary they do not always spend their time riding around in cars, arresting people, or being a part of the community events some officers/correction answer nonemergency public service calls, control traffic, and or write tickets. They have responsibilities such as being reliable/responsible for you while you are serving your sentence, they help you become a law abiding member of your society/community, supervise the convicted offenders when they are placed in jail, prison, or on community duty (probation and parole), prepare the pre-sentencing reports that help the judge at the time of the sentencing with the information that is required, and to make sure that the facilities that hole the inmates are secure and safe.
To explain the roles of components of criminal justice through the courts/judicial components of criminal justice is that the courts/judicial is run by the judges. The judge’s roles are to make sure that the laws are followed and they oversee what happens in the courtroom. The judge also decides if the offenders can or cannot be released. Judges are then allowed based on evidence and the extent of the crime if they want to accept or deny any plea bargains that was offered to the accused, they oversee the trials, and then sentence the offenders. Majorly the courts/judicial are here to determine the truth of the crime and of the case. In the courts/judicial the pre-sentencing reports that can be asked to presented by the officer that made the arrest can become present to help the judge determine the charges and sentencing that is going to be placed against the accused. A pre-sentencing report can be conducted due to the criminal investigation which is the process of discovering, collecting , preparing, identifying, and presenting the evidence to determine what had happened and who is responsible. Also in the reports officer’s response time is conducted and what this does is tell the time it took to respond to the calls and is directly linked to the citizen’s satisfaction. The roles and various components of law enforcement are the following: Law enforcement officers make reports on the crimes that happen in their