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CRJ 4 Research Paper When a person hears the phrase criminal investigation they automatically think of shows like Criminal Minds and CSI. But, there is a lot more to criminal investigation than what people think. According to Britannica Encyclopedia criminal investigation is the methods by which crimes are studied and criminals apprehended. The criminal investigator seeks to ascertain the methods, motives, and identities of criminals and the identity of victims and may also search for and interrogate witnesses. Throughout this course we as a class have learned techniques involved in investigation of crimes, how to interview victims and witnesses, the organization and procedure during investigating a crime. The three areas I have been most interested in throughout this semester; the two categories of a Lust Murderer, Child Molesters and their patterns, and also about cyberstalking. (1) On page 304-305 in chapter 9, number 39 in the note section is a FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin about serial killers and lust murderer. Through out this article and section in the text I have learned that in order for a murder to be classified as a Serial Murder there must be a series of sexual attacks committed by a killer who follows a distinct pattern which all result in death of three to four people or more. A lust murderer is a serial killer who kills and mutilates his or her victims for sexual gain. According to Special Agents Robert Hazelwood and John Douglas in the article “The Lust Murder” they argue that there are two different types of killers who commit lust murders. The first is the organized nonsocial lust murderer. In the article it says the organized nonsocial murderer has an irresponsible and an egocentrism attitude who dislikes people and society but doesn’t not avoid people. This type of killer is cunning and will manipulate people into helping him or her achieve their goal. They usually live quite a distance from the crime scene and victims, and will hunt down his victims in other towns. The nonsocial killer will torture their victim then kill them in a private location and transport the body to where it can be found normally taking their weapon with them. The killer is fully aware that what they are doing is indeed a crime and the reason why they commit the crime is because the publicity and of their impact on society. (2 and 5) I also learned that the second type of lust murderer is a disorganized asocial murder. This type of person is the exact opposite of a social butterfly and has a rather hard time connecting and dealing with people. They can be described as a loner and commits crime in a random manner. Their crime is usually committed close to where they feel safe, so rather close to where they live or work. The asocial killer will normally torture the victim after the death and leave the body where the death happened and does not try to hide it. Both killers are sexual sadist and will excessively mutilate and stab their victims. According to the textbook Criminal Investigation serial killers are most likely to have been neglected, abused, or some sort of trauma during their childhoods. They are thought to be unable to cope and defend themselves so they withdraw themselves from society and become rather hostile. The asocial murderer would turn to suicide and loneliness to cope with their childhood where the nonsocial would express his hostility through aggressiveness in his teenage years. When investigating the murder the investigator should look for the differences in the two types of killers like where the body and location of crime is, if they were mutilated before or after death, and if there is a weapon left at the crime scene. If the murder isn’t solved the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crimes (NCAVC) try too connect similar unsolved violent crimes throughout federal, state, and local law agencies. They analyze every unsolved murder and search for serial patterns between cases. When they do