Crocs: Color and Crocs Essay

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Rock Those Crocs
Crocs, a shoe originally designed for gardening and lawn work have proven to be a comfort source for sore, aching feet everywhere. Workers who stand on their feet most of the day, would recommend these shoes to anyone. Crocs are a marvelous shoe not only for their comfort and support but also because of their functionality, convenience, and array of different color choices!
Crocs are made of a rubber foam material that is designed to form to a wearer’s feet for ultimate comfort. They are made to relieve plantar pain and achy feet with their inner support, heel cups and massaging nubs across the sole. This proves that crocs are not only comfortable but they are good for your feet too. Small holes in the shoes let fresh air in preventing your feet from becoming sweaty and stinky. I was never a fan of the ugly rubber shoes, until I borrowed a friends’ pair one day. I was in a hurry and they were sitting by the door so I quickly slipped them on and off I went. When I got back I discovered I didn’t want to take them off! They were so comfortable and light on my feet I almost forgot I was wearing anything. The next day I had to go get a pair of my own. Once you try a pair on and wear them around a little you’ll never look back. They are great work shoes as well. Working somewhere that you are on your feet all day can cause extreme pain and even shin splints if you don’t wear the right shoe. That is why crocs are a favorite choice for these steadily moving hard workers. Although
Modrzynski 2 the design of the shoe may not be very fashionable, the thickness, cushion, and support sway many people into wearing them.
Convenience is another great feature of crocs. They slip right on so if you find yourself in a rush you wont have to waste time tying your shoes or bending over to put them on. Since crocs are also water-proof they are easy to wash if you get them dirty and make great water shoes! Wear them hiking and tread right through the water with no worries. Other features of the shoe include the small holes that allow water, sand or dirt to easily exit the shoe if it found its way in, as well as floating capabilities, and slip resistant soles. These attributes make crocs a very versatile shoe. Wear them to the beach, in the water, on the boat, on a hike, whatever you may end up doing crocs prove to be the perfect shoe for any activity.
As I said before the design of crocs is their biggest