Cromwell: Pope and holy Roman Empire Essay

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Explain why in 1540, Thomas Cromwell was removed from power (12 marks)
During his time as Lord Chancellor, Thomas Cromwell had gained many enemies, such as the conservative faction who were mainly catholic and against Cromwell’s work. Cromwell’s power over them, even though he came from a humble background, angered the nobles as he was from beneath their status. Conservatives especially did not Cromwell’s religious views and changes, like the dissolution of the monasteries back in 1536.
Another reason for his downfall was the issue at Calais, where investigations from Lord Lisle arrived about a suspected heretical group in Calais which he himself had tried to remove, however Cromwell ultimately overrode this and allowed the people to stay. When they were indeed found to be a heretical group of people, Lord Lisle was accused of supporting Cardinal Pole, who had a claim to the throne and was ultimately a threat to Henry, by Cromwell, however with little proof and his religious sympathies well known, he was accused of treason.
However a major factor in Cromwell’s downfall is that of the Cleve’s marriage. When the marriage was arranged between Henry and Anne of Cleves, England faced a threat from France and the Holy Roman Empire, as they had signed the treaty of Nice whereby they agreed to a 10 year truce, this meant that since England had broken away from Rome, and that Henry was excommunicated by the pope in 1533, that England was in great danger of being…