Impact Of Globalization On Culture

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Definition of the key term: Impacts of globalization: cultural. The impact that globalization has on the culture can be defined as the process of international integration of different cultural customs and beliefs.


The article that I chose is titled “ Globalization, culture, religion, and values: Comparing consumption patterns of Lebanese Muslims and Christians” authors Cleveland, Mark; Laroche, Michel; Hallab, Ranim. This article covered the impact that cultures have in the the globalization process regarding the business world. The article primarily focused on the sample groups of Christians and Lebanese Muslims. They discussed the main differences that an organization would have to keep in mind when globalizing their business. For examples Religion, Language, customs, Ethnic Identity, and Values.

Discussion: In our text book “Cross Border Commerce”, The authors discusses globalization in regards to the impact it has on different cultures. The text book states “ Globalization involves the blending and merging various cultures: however, it is not the same as assimilation” (6). Assimilations is the process of a group or culture merging or starting to resemble one another. Globalization is the process of integrating different cultures that remain true to their geographical area. For example, the large automobile company BMW makes their cars in Germany and sells them in the United States. This is an example of globalization in between to different culture areas. The article I selected discussed how to do this properly and successfully. Keeping in mind how to properly respect and understand others so one can successfully buy, sell or expand an organization. The article defiantly complement the text in Cross Border Commerce. The