Essay On Cross Cultural Consumer Behavior

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Cross Cultural Consumer Behavior: An International Perceptive in Consumer Behavior
February 24, 2014
Susan Rusnak

Cross Cultural Consumer Behavior: An International Perceptive in Consumer Behavior
Case Studies
This study emphasizes cultural differences of consumer behavior in the international market place. This study will evaluate the consumer behavior and purchasing decisions. Consumer behavior as it related to emotional and cognitive consumer reactions. Cross cultural differences as they are related to emotional responses, attitude, behavior, the impact and the response in the international market place. How domestic products and their branding is viewed and the effects of product branding in the international
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For many companies, their most valuable asset is their company’s brand names. Well-known brand names are referred to as megabrands Schiffman, L.G., & Kanuk, L.L. (2010). Their names have become global, “cultural icons” and enjoy powerful advantages of branding over their competitors. With Disneyland opening a new theme park in Hong Kong they encountered many cultural decisions. One of the cultural decision was whether it should or should not serve and have available for it patron shark fin soup. This shark fin soup is a favorite of the Chinese culture. It is considered a Chinese culinary delicacy, being served at weddings and other special events for nearly two centuries. Of late, this Chinese favorite, shark fin soup has drawn an outraged response from environmentalist. Environmentalist is saying that the shark population has dropped in some cases as much a 70% and that some species of sharks may become extinct. So many sharks are killed for the precious fins and then left to die a senseless death. Hong Kong Disneyland’s stand on acquiring and serving shark fin soup is that it shows appreciation for the Chinese traditions. Disney is simply following local standards and customs, stating that they feel obligated to offer the shark fin soup (Bradsher, 2005).
To make the point of Disney decision to serve shark fin soup