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ICross Platform Study

Iron Man 3 Poster:
Pacific Rim Poster:

Iron Man 3 Trailer:
Iron man 3:

The positioning of the character of Robert Downey Jr. in the frame connotes that he is the protagonist of the film. The size of Tony Stark in relation to the other people in poster suggests that he is strong and the leader of the…

The blue light in the centre of the suit is suggestive to the sci-fi genre. This provides the audience with a certain expectations from the movie. Tony Stark’s largely golden suit connotes Tony Stark’s new found success, achievement and triumph in the fields of justice. The contrast between the dark and light clouds is a subtle one. This suggests that there is a thin line between right and wrong, good and bad, evil and righteous. The contrast may allude to the antagonist, suggesting that it may be a former friend or it could mean that the final fight against the antagonist could be an extremely close one.

Looking at the poster I can deduce that the film targets fun-seekers and leaders. Leaders are provided with a character to relate to through Tony Stark, the protagonist. Fun-seekers would enjoy the CG animated fight scenes which gives them an adrenaline rush. A secondary audience could be followers who will hear about the movie from other people.

The film is produced by Paramount Pictures. Paramount is consistently ranked as one of the largest, top - grossing film studios. They produce films with well-known actors with a high production value. With previous experience with films such as Transformers, Shrek and Star Trek the production studio has seemingly mastered the art of CG animation and thus produce a very high quality and polished film. They are a mainstream commercial institute that aims to make as much money as possible through the mainstream media with their productions. This reflects through the film; Iron Man 3 which is mainly CG and has high production value with Robert Downey Jr acting as Iron Man and Shane Black as the director.

Pacific Rim:
The positioning of the Jaegar in the frame connotes that the Jaegars are a focal point of the film. This is backed up the strapline of the film, “To fight Monsters, We created Monsters”. The two people on the deck and the people working on the Jaegar (which are barely visible) are used to portray the sheer size of the Jaegar which gives the viewer a clear concept of how these machines would be used to fight against the Kaiju.

Similarly to the Iron Man poster, the mechanised model is very suggestive of the sci-fi genre and a circle in the middle just seems to be a trope for the genre. The Jaegar is predominantly charcoal grey. The dark charcoal grey colour is a timeless and practical colour which signifies an emotionless being while it communicates strength and the mystery of black. The poster is set in an industrialized setting. This suggests that men are hard at work at making Jaegars while they sweat blood and tears.

The film is produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, one of the major film studios and subsidiary of Time Warner. Warner Bros. are all-rounders when it comes to film making. They have produced the entirety of the legendary Harry Potter series, I Am Legend, Grudge Match etc. The company has good experience with CG which is clearly visible through the trailer. Similarly to Paramount, Warner Bros. is a commercial institute with a high production value and creates movies in order to make money.

The Iron Man 3 trailer has a high intensity, foreboding non - diabetic soundtrack playing throughout the trailer with moments where the music is paused for effect. This suggests that there is going to be a high intensity narrative with some dark elements to it with moments of explosive action suggested from the pauses. The trailer is narrated by the main